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Are there any requirements to maintain?
Are there any requirements to maintain?
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Yes. We've created a wonderful lifelong connection between our ambassadors and the customers they introduce to our brand. This special bond not only deepens the ambassador-customer relationship but also ensures that you, as an ambassador, receive commissions on all future orders these customers place. It’s a fantastic way to sustain a rewarding and continuous income stream!

To keep this vibrant connection active and your commissions rolling in, we ask that you meet the "New Customer Referral" minimums for your tier. For instance, Tier 1 ambassadors need to bring in at least $250 in new referrals every 60 days—about 2.5 orders. As you progress to higher tiers—$300 for Tier 2, $350 for Tier 3, and $400 for Tier 4—the opportunities grow even more. We've designed these goals to be clear and achievable, ensuring everyone can succeed. You can always check your progress on your dashboard, so you know exactly how you’re doing and can plan your next successful steps.

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