What is Shop Pay?
Updated over a week ago

Shop Pay is an accelerated checkout option that allows you to save your credit card and shipping/billing details so you can complete your transaction quickly without needing to re-enter your information every time.

To opt-in to Shop Pay, click the box that says "Save my information for a faster checkout" and enter your mobile phone number after you've entered your shipping, billing, and credit card information.

The next time you check out, you will be immediately taken to the order review page. When you click “Authorize purchase”, you will receive a unique 6-digit code in a text message which you'll have to enter on the checkout page. Once you've entered the code, your order will be processed.

After you opt in to Shop Pay and complete the SMS verification, you can use your saved information on any Shopify checkout that has the feature enabled. You will not need to verify yourself again.

To opt out of Shop Pay for whatever reason, follow these instructions.

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